Best of Tracker North America 2015




A curated playlist of the best performances from the Tracker 2015 tour. Each download includes live recordings selected from the available 31 performances, in your choice of 320kbps MP3 or FLAC formats.

  1. Broken Bones Live in New York – October, 21st
  2. Corned Beef City Live in Pittsburgh
  3. Privateering Live in Kansas City
  4. Father and Son/Hill Farmers Blues Live in Melbourne
  5. Seattle Live in Vancouver
  6. Kingdom of Gold Live in Woodinville – September, 11th
  7. Skydiver Live in New York – October, 21st
  8. Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes Live in Mashantucket
  9. She’s Gone/Your Latest Trick Live in Austin
  10. Romeo And Juliet Live in Fort Lauderdale
  11. Sultans Of Swing Live in Boston
  12. Haul Away Live in North Charleston
  13. Mighty Man Live in Red Bank
  14. Postcards From Paraguay Live in Salt Lake City
  15. Marbletown Live in Montreal
  16. On Every Street Live in Albany
  17. Speedway At Nazareth Live in Berkeley
  18. Telegraph Road Live in Minneapolis
  19. Wherever I Go Live in Portland
  20. So Far Away Live in Chicago
  21. Piper To The End Live in Toronto
  22. Going Home: Theme From Local Hero Live in Durham